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Trucking industry could trigger gas shortage this summer

A truck driver shortage throughout the U.S. could potentially pose a "threat" to the gas industry, according to OPIS Energy Analysis Global Head Tom Kloza.

Kloza told FOX Business' "Mornings with Maria," on Wednesday, that the lack of drivers may cause gas stations to "scramble" to meet supply demand.

According to AAA, drivers are paying around $2.88 per gallon for gas, however, prices could further increase throughout the summer if the truck driver shortage continues nationwide.

The OPIS analyst's comments come on the heels of Florida experiencing gas shortages during spring break this year when retailers struggled to get trucks to deliver gasoline from the terminals to stations. Kloza is "worried" that the shortage could potentially linger nationwide until Labor Day.

The trucking industry attributes some of the shortage to the amount of time it takes to obtain a commercial driver's license. While this has been ongoing over the past few years, the coronavirus pandemic only prolonged the delays, with some licenses even taking up to six months to acquire.

Furthermore, the industry predicts the lack of drivers will only get worse as more retire.

Kloza also said "crazy behavior" could lead to consumers stockpiling more toilet paper and gasoline just like in the early days of the pandemic.

This article originally appeared on Fox Business

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