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Driver killed after crashing into log truck on Knightdale Boulevard

A man spoke to WRAL News after he witnessed a deadly crash Tuesday involving a car and a log truck.

Before 9 a.m., the crash closed U.S. 64 Business East (Knightdale Boulevard) near EBC Village Way. Sky 5 flew over the crash, which occurred on a two-lane road, around 10 a.m.

A red tarp was covering an SUV that crashed into the rear of the log truck.

A man who witnessed the crash told WRAL News it appeared the log truck was parked on the side of U.S. 64 when the SUV slammed into it from behind.

Logs were extending about 8 feet beyond the truck bed and went through the driver's windshield, the witness said.

"I almost threw up," said witness Nikita Demyanov. "I even was sick to my stomach and there was a lady who drove by and she looked and she was shaking."

Demyanov said the glare from the sun was very strong at the time of the crash, and he had to adjust his visor to see the highway.

"It just makes me think about driving safe and the unforeseen things, especially when the sun blinds you," he said. "This is the second accident I've seen in the last year here and it was both times in the very bright sun in the morning."

Demyanov said, when he saw the crash, he pulled over to help. He said the log truck driver got out to check on the other driver and was so upset by what he saw that he hugged the witness.

"The driver, the first thing he did was hug me and he was crying," he described.

The road was closed for several hours but reopened by noon.

This article originally appeared on WRAL News.


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