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Truck drivers express concern over rising diesel costs

BRANDYWINE, Md. – American truckers shared their concerns over rising diesel costs with Fox News.

"We cannot afford to drive our vehicles," one Virginia trucker, Edward, told Fox News.

Diesel costs hit an average of $5.321 a gallon as of Monday night, up nearly $2 from a year ago, according to AAA. That price also marks a more than 4% increase from a week ago.

Debra, a Tennessee trucker, showed Fox News her receipt from the gas station after filling her tank with 169 gallons.

"It ended up being $999 dollars," the 20-year truck driver said, noting that her tank hadn't even been empty. "I think that’s the highest I’ve seen so far."

Edward, who's been driving trucks for 15 years, said the price surge inhibits truckers' ability to "make a profit for their families."

"As far as the gas prices going up, that’s just one problem," said Lamont, a Washington, D.C., truck driver.

"There are a lot of things more important right now but to get this gas down would be a blessing," he added, citing inflation and the war in Ukraine as top issues.

Inflation reached a 40-year record high in March, with consumer prices rising 8.5% compared to a year ago, according to the Department of Labor. Inflation rates have continuously risen over the last few months, with a 1.2% increase from February to March.

Eric, a Maryland trucker, said the war in Ukraine is a big problem for rising fuel costs.

"When that country has a problem, this country has a problem too," Eric said. "That problem is for me too because gas is expensive."

James, a nine-year truck driver in Maryland, told Fox News that President Biden "needs to get out of office" for inflation to decrease.

But Edward said Biden can't take the blame alone for the skyrocketing prices of diesel.

"Whoever is in charge needs to be doing more," he told Fox News. "He took over a mess to begin with."

Debra told Fox News she's a Donald Trump supporter, but thought the former president would have done more for truckers and inflation while he was in office.

"I don’t think he helped as much as he probably should have, but I don’t hold any hope for Biden," she said.

This article originally appeared on Fox News

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