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Report Faults Amtrak Purchase of Wilmington Office Building

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) — A report by Amtrak's inspector general found that the train service's $41 million purchase of an office building in Delaware has failed to provide savings that were projected.

Amtrak estimated it would save close to $50 million by consolidating operations in the building that it purchased in Wilmington in May 2020.

But a report filed May 13 by Amtrak's Office of Inspector General found those savings haven't materialized for a variety of reasons.

Dispatching and police communications were supposed to be consolidated in the building, but that has not occurred because Amtrak has not yet been able to determine if the building can accommodate a large generator necessary to provide emergency power.

In addition, Amtrak has been unable to move forward with a plan to move more than 400 information-technology workers to Wilmington. The report found that so many workers would refuse the transfer that operations would be unacceptably disrupted.

Amtrak now estimates it won't need as much space in the building as originally thought.

This article originally appeared on US News

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