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Mexican freight train carrying automobiles derailed by vandals

According to FreightWaves, a Ferrosur Co. freight train carrying passenger automobiles was intentionally derailed by armed vandals who cut the railroad’s tracks in Acultzingo, Mexico, which is approximately 100 miles away from a Volkswagen assembly plant in Puebla, Mexico, where the cars were made.

Ferrosur Co. provides rail service to the southeastern portion of Mexico, and the train was headed to the Port of Veracruz when it derailed. Occuring at around 3:00 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 30, approximately 11 cars loaded with Volkswagen Golf, Tiguan and Jetta models. The train was carrying over 160 new cars, and authorities report that nearly 165 of them may have incurred damage.

The Mexican news outlet News Informant of Veracruz reported they were told by a by a Ferrosur official that while there were no injuries, some of the cars fell into a ravine, some were partially overturned, and others were completely overturned.

RT&S has reached out to Volkswagen for comment, but had not heard back at press time, but we will update the story if we can obtain some additional details.

This article originally appeared on RT&S

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