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Meet the New ALPA President: Capt. Jason Ambrosi

Captain Jason Ambrosi has been elected as the new president of ALPA (Air Line Pilots Association, International) following a vote by the union’s board members on Wednesday. From 1 January 2023 Ambrosi, a Delta Air Lines pilot, will take over the largest pilot union in the world. ALPA represents over 65,000 pilots across 35 U.S. and Canadian carriers.

President-Elect Captain Jason Ambrosi

Having graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Ambrosi began his flying career at Atlantic Southeast Airlines. During his time at the regional carrier, Ambrosi flew ATR-72 and EMB-120 twin-engine turboprop models. In 2000, he was hired by Delta Air Lines as a flight engineer on B727s. Ambrosi is now based in Atlanta, GA., where he flies the Boeing 757 and 767. Ambrosi, and his wife and two children, live in Griffin, GA., approximately an hour outside of Atlanta.

Captain Joe DePete, ALPA’s outgoing president has accepted the results of the election and welcomed the president-elect. “Today, ALPA’s highest governing body has spoken, and this is democracy in action. I am confident that the new officers will seize the opportunity to advance our profession for the next four years.”

Outgoing ALPA President Joe DePete

The election comes at a crucial time for the airline industry. Following the fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic, there remains a serious shortage of pilots and other airline staff. Furthermore, over half of ALPA’s members are in contract talks and demanding significant salary raises. Alaska, for example, has recently negotiated new terms with their pilots that could individuals receive a 23% raise depending on the number of years of service.

Ambrosi has a distinguished history of advocacy. He has been Chairman of Delta Pilots since 2021 and is a five-time recipient of the ALPA Advocacy A-Team Award for Significant Activity to Grassroots and PAC Causes. In the negotiation of Covid Leave of Absence Agreements, Ambrosi was significantly involved in securing payment for pilots exposed to the pandemic. He was also involved in finalising the development of the ACE for Unions app, which has helped pilots better enforce their contracts and recover millions. He has repeatedly acted as an industry spokesperson, appearing on network TV programs such as CNN news and NBC’s Today.

FedEx Pilots and ALPA Members Picketing in New York

Having promised during his campaign to bring “ALPA into the 21st Century” with a focus on “member-driven basics”, Ambrosi expressed a desire in his acceptance statement to put the pandemic “in the rear-view mirror”.

“I look forward to building a strong team that will chart a new course for our union. Over the next four years, my goal is to get back to basics and return ALPA to a member-focused representation style,” he said.

Building on 91 years of leadership, together we will continue to enhance aviation safety, pattern bargain contracts to advance the profession for pilot groups large and small, protect pilot jobs, and improve the quality of lives for members and their families. I am honored and humbled to lead ALPA during such a pivotal time in our history,” he added.

Elsewhere in the election, Captain Tyler Hawkins was elected as ALPA vice president-administration/secretary, Wes Clapper became vice president-finance/treasurer, and Captain Wendy Morse was elected First Female National Officer.

ALPA has had 11 presidents in its ninety-one-year history. Ambrosi becomes the third to have come from Delta Air Lines.

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