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Man arrested after 'erratic behavior' on American Airlines flight to Philadelphia

By Wilson Wong

A male passenger who was not wearing a mask was arrested on Thursday after showing "erratic behavior" on an American Airlines flight, airline officials said.

Police in Philadelphia told NBC news in a statement that the man, whom police have not identified, told a flight attendant on an American Airlines flight from Orlando to Philadelphia that he wanted to speak to the pilot while approaching the cockpit area of the plane. A passenger on the plane said the man was not wearing a mask and allegedly said "Where's my parachute?" as he slowly moved towards the flight deck door, NBC Philadelphia reported. Other passengers jumped in to help crew members protect the plane's exit doors, the passenger said.

At one point, flight attendants asked him to stay seated and wear a mask, the affiliate reported.

After speaking with the attendant, the man quickly ran back to his seat, where another passenger and flight attendant sat and monitored the man until landing, police said.

A spokesperson for American Airlines said that he did not "actively attempt" to break into the the cock pit area at any point.

Police said no one was injured, and that the male was taken into custody after the plane landed safely in Philadelphia. The man did not carry any weapons, police said.

No charges were filed against the man, and he was later taken to a nearby hospital, police said.

This article originally appeared on NBC News

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