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I’m a flight attendant — here’s how passengers annoy me before we even take off

A flight attendant has revealed an annoying thing passengers dobefore the aircraft has even taken off.

If you’re one to not properly stow your bag in the overhead locker — or worse yet, you have an oversized bag that doesn’t even fit — it’s bound to frustrate cabin crew.

In a viral TikTok titled ‘Things that annoy flight attendants’ that has since resurfaced, Chris Kellum, who works on a budget US airline, vented his anger at the act, explaining why it is important to follow airline rules.

“If you place a larger bag in the overhead bin we ask that you make sure it closes before you take your seat,” he is heard saying over the speaker.

Chris, together with a fellow flight attendant can then be seen re-enacting the common but “annoying” act.

His co-worker, who pretends to be a passenger, is seen shoving a bag in the locker and letting half of it dangle out.

“Ma’am is this your bag in the overhead bin?” he asks.

Acting coy, the woman responds: “Which bag are you talking about?”

“The overhead bin is not closing, so unfortunately it doesn’t fit and we’re gonna have to check your bag in,” Chris says.

She then imitates a likely familiar line used by customers saying: “I don’t get it, the bag fit last time.”

“How come it didn’t fit today? What happened, the bag got smaller?”

Chris wanted to get the simple message across that if your bag doesn’t fit, then it will have to be checked in.

While the rules vary for different airlines, some can have policies preventing flight attendants from lifting passengers’ suitcases, according to travel brand Matador Network.

Flight attendant Jamela Hardwick told Insider why she won’t help passengers with their luggage.

She explained that it not only comes down to pay but if they get injured while performing the act, they’re not covered.

“We do not get paid until the boarding door is closed,” she said. “If we get hurt while putting that bag in the overhead bin, we do not get to write it off as an on-job injury.”

Kat Kamalani, a flight attendant for more than six years, said while it is “crazy” it is true that it’s not their job to lift luggage into the overhead lockers.

“A ton of airlines tell (flight attendants) not to do this because there are so many injuries with it, so if we get injured it’s not even covered,” she said in a TikTok.

But she said while the flight crew won’t stow the luggage for you, if you ask for help while you put your luggage in the overhead compartment, they will gladly give it.

“Ask the flight attendant to assist you and they will totally help you put it up there.”

This article originally appeared on the New York Post.

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