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Furloughed American Airlines flight attendant contracts coronavirus days after losing health benefit

Thousands of airline employees have been furloughed because of the coronaviruspandemic this year -- but this flight attendant’s situation just got even more difficult. 

Erica Carmine was a flight attendant for American Airlines before she was furloughed earlier this year. 

Her health benefits reportedly expired Oct. 15 and within days she was diagnosed with COVID-19 despite the extra precautions she was taking due to a heart disorder.

On Friday, Carmine posted a photo of her test results on Twitter, calling for Congress to extend the Payroll Support Program. 

“As a furloughed flight attendant, I lost my health insurance on Oct 15,” Carmine tweeted. “Just diagnosed with COVID, with a pre-existing heart condition, I am high risk. Will your political games cost me my life? #ExtendPSP

On Friday, Carmine told Chicago's WLS-TV she took leave from her job early on to avoid contracting the virus -- but now she’s lost so much. 

"I ended up giving up my apartment because I took that leave; I could no longer afford my home," Carmine told the local station. 

"I had to move out of state,” she added. “I ended up still contracting the virus losing my job, and now only five days after losing my health care benefits I have a positive COVID test."

American Airlines furloughed 19,000 employees at the beginning of this month, which was the first and, at the time, largest, involuntary jobs cut in the airline industry, the Associated Press reported

According to aprevious report, of those 19,000 employees, about 8,100 were flight attendants and about 1,600 were pilots.

This article originally appeared on Fox Business

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