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Father says autistic son banned by airline, denied medical mask exemption

By Edmunc DeMarche

The father of a four-year-old autistic boy told "The Ingraham Angle" Monday that his son was banned from Frontier Airlines for life because he cannot wear a mask and comply with COVID-19 policies.

Michael Seklecki Jr. receives medical treatment in Boston and has been blocked from boarding flights twice because he does not wear a mask.

His father, Michael Seklecki, is suing the Transportation Security Administration and two airlines, Spirit and Frontier over the policies. He said his son is medically exempted from wearing a mask and he presented doctor’s notes to airline workers. "He’s been banned for life on Frontier Airlines. … I was specifically banned as well. … Incredible," he said in an exclusive interview with Laura Ingraham, explaining that he's seeking Supreme Court intervention in the case.

Seklecki also slammed "appalling and condescending" treatment from an airline worker when he explained the situation and provided the doctor's note.

"It's totally just mind-blowing to be refused travel for medical care," Seklecki said. "This is sick. This is child abuse," Ingraham responded, saying companies are "running scared" from potential federal liability for not complying with "tyrannical" COVID policies.

Boston 25 News reported that the child, who lives with his family in Florida, receives treatment at Boston Children’s Hospital about every two weeks for severe gastroenterology and motility disorders. The boy’s parents and doctors say Michael cannot tolerate a mask on the flights. Seklecki said he was told that the doctor's notes do not "override corporate policy at Frontier."

The family is asking the Supreme Court to hear the case by next week, so Michael can travel to Boston for his treatments.

Fox News reached out to Spirit and Frontier Airlines for comment but did not receive a response.

This article originally appeared on FOX News

Photo: iStock

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