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American Airlines Investigating Onboard Altercation Involving Trump Supporters

A shouting match broke out on a flight en route to Washington D.C. after several supporters of President Donald Trump projected a Trump 2020 logo on the ceiling and walls of the plane’s cabin.

According to The Associated Press, American Airlines Flight 1291 had just landed at Washington Dulles International Airport from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport on Wednesday when the incident occurred.

American said the police were not called since the plane was already arriving at the gate and the passengers deplaned without further incident.

“Our team is reviewing this incident,” American spokesman Curtis Blessing told The AP. “We applaud our outstanding crewmembers for their professionalism in de-escalating a tense onboard situation and getting our customers to their destination safely.”

Earlier this week, a young child kicking the back of a passenger’s seat appeared to be the trigger for a fight between two women on a Spirit Airlines that landed at Portland International Airport in Oregon.

The year 2020 will go down as a year unlike any other, so here’s TravelPulse’s Patrick Clarke giving us a look back at some of the most notable naughty passengers of 2020.

This article originally appeared on Travel Pulse

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