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American Airlines flight attendants move closer to strike

American Airlines flight attendants will hold a strike vote starting this month, their union announced Tuesday.

The vote will begin July 28 and end August 29, with the result announced the next day. More than 26,000 flight attendants are seeking wage increases in a new contract with the airline.

“Flight Attendants are ready for an agreement that respects our contributions to the success of this carrier,” Association of Professional Flight Attendants President Julie Hedrick said in a statement.

“Our contract became amendable in 2019, and American’s Flight Attendants have not received cost-of-living increases or any other quality-of-life improvements, even as they played an essential part in keeping American in the skies both during and after the pandemic,” she added.

The union has called upon federal mediators to assist in finding a compromise deal with the airline. If mediators can not make a deal, the union would be able to strike after 30 days, if the vote passes.

Flight attendants are seeking a 35-percent, one-time wage increase, a 6-percent annual raise and increased benefits.

“That a strike authorization vote is even being put before our membership should concern American Airlines and those who invest in and fly our airline,” Hedrick said.

American Airlines flies about 6,700 flights per day to more than 350 destinations worldwide, according to the company.

In May, American Airlines pilots authorized a strike, as their own union negotiates a new contract with the airline.

The labor action comes as multiple other industries have started or are considering large-scale strikes.

Hollywood actors joined writers on picket lines last week, and the Teamsters Union is planning strike action against UPS and long-haul trucking company Yellow. United Auto Workers has also threatened a strike amid its own contract negotiations with car manufacturers.

This article originally appeared on The Hill

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