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United Airlines waives change fees through March 2021, drops them altogether for international fligh

See you later, change fees.

United Airlines has adjusted its change fee policy to give customers greater flexibility, a must while planning travel during the pandemic. Now, the major carrier will scrap change fees for basic economy tickets through March 2021 and for international flights in general.

A spokesperson for the airline shared the news with FOX Business on Wednesday.

“Recognizing that flexibility is more important to our customers than ever, United was the first legacy airline to announce it would permanently eliminate change fees – a policy that included Basic Economy and International tickets booked through the end of this year,” a United rep said. “Today, we’re pleased to announce two important changes to this policy.”

“First, we’re extending this policy to include Basic Economy tickets purchased through March 31, 2021. Second, this policy will also apply to all international tickets purchased in the United States moving forward.”

Airlines are doing all they can to revive bookings amid the ongoing outbreak, which has devastated the industry. In recent days, United debuted a virtual customer serviceprogram, while competitor American Airlines began offering at-home coronavirus tests for all domestic passengers.

Also on Wednesday, Delta Air Lines announced that it would similarly drop change fees for domestic flights through March 30, 2021 and permanently eliminate change fees for international flights from North America.

During a recent appearance on FOX Business, Flight Attendants Association President Sara Nelson told Neil Cavuto on "Cavuto Coast to Coast" that the airline industry "is facing the biggest financial crisis," stressing that further relief from Congress will help keep thousands employed.

This article originally appeared on Fox Business

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