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United Airlines extends beer/wine service to more flights over two hours

More flights are going to be getting booze.

Many airlines are looking to make a comeback this summer as the pandemic dies down. With that being the case, it appears that some airlines are attempting to make a better experience available to more passengers on more flights.

United Airlines will provide customers on most flights over two hours the opportunity to purchase beer, wine and other alcoholic drinks. In a press release, the company announced that it was expanding this service and introducing a revamped menu.

This menu will be offered to most flights over 1,500 miles, or on hub-to-hub trips over 800 miles.

Toby Enqvist, chief customer officer for United, said, "We know that having a wide variety of gourmet food and beverage options is important to our customers and we look forward to introducing these exciting, new options to enhance their flying experience. Our new contactless payment technology enables us to safely introduce this new menu on select flights as we continue to see more customers return to flying."

Passengers will reportedly be able to make purchases mid-flight through the new mobile wallet technology developed by United. According to the press release, customers will order food and a credit card associated with the seat they’re sitting in will be charged for the purchase.

In regards to the drinks, passengers will have a variety of wine options to choose from and a selection of beers that includes Michelob Ultra and Stella Artois. Fans of hard seltzer are also in luck, as White Claw Mango will also be on the menu.

This article originally appeared on Fox News

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