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United Airlines eliminating seats as Americans get fatter

One airline’s latest decision is weighing heavy on customers.

United Airlines’ flights are shaping up to most comfortable coach seating in awhile.

Between this month and April 30 of next year, the airline will block off up to six seats on its fleet of Boeing 757s, a company spokesperson told the “Live and Let’s Fly” blog.

The decision was based on numbers gathered from the Federal Aviation Administration that indicated the average winter weight of female passengers — including their carry-on items — increased from 150 pounds in 2019 to 184 pounds in 2022.

Meanwhile, the average male passenger’s winter weight went up, from 190 pounds to 205 pounds, over the same time frame.

“The temporary change is a result of the increased average customer winter weights as prescribed by the FAA,” a United spokesperson said of the temporary change.

“To be compliant with the current B757 weight and balance requirements, United will block specific seats between November 1 and April, 30 2023,” it ended.

Blocked-off spots will always be middle seats in rows 16 to 40 to equally distribute passengers’ weight on every flight, an official told the blog. A laminated sign will be placed on each seat that is off-limits.

Passengers’ physical bodies aren’t the only contributing factor to the uptick in weight. The FAA calculated that people are stuffing more in their carry-on bags — which are not weighed in the United States — thus increasing the overall heft of the cargo. Seasonal items, such as winter coats, are also considered during the colder months.

“Live and Let’s Fly” also noted that this policy was in effect last winter and was lifted by spring.

The Post has contacted United Airlines for comment.

This article originally appeared on New York Post

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