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United Airlines diverts flight due to disruptive passenger

A United Airlines flight from New Jersey to Costa Rica on Wednesday was forced to divert due to a disruptive passenger.

Flight 1080 departed Newark Liberty International Airport just after 8 a.m. ET headed to San Jose, Costa Rica, but landed at Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia about two and a half hours later, the Chicago-based carrier told FOX Business.

The passenger was removed from the flight. United did not offer further details on the incident, however, one Twitter user said the person "appeared unconscious" and was removed from the rear of the plane by local authorities.

The flight departed Washington for San Jose around 1 p.m. ET after being delayed several hours.

The rate of unruly airline passenger disturbances has declined dramatically since the highs of early 2021.

There have been far fewer unruly passenger incidents in recent months, especially after the Federal Aviation Administration ramped up enforcement to curtail the surge in cases it was seeing last year.

This article originally appeared on Fox Business

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