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The best major US airlines of 2022: Report

As travel picks back up in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, one study has found which airlines are the best to take this year.

On Tuesday, WalletHub published a report on the best airlines of 2022, based on baggage, departures and complaints, animal incidents, in-flight comfort and cost, and safety.

For its report, WalletHub compared the 9 largest national airlines and two regional carriers that have at least 1% of total domestic scheduled-service passenger revenues.

Delta Air Lines was at the top of WalletHub’s list, making it the best airline of 2022.

Aside from finding the overall ranking, WalletHub also found which airlines excelled within specific categories.

According to the report, Frontier Airlines is the cheapest airline, while Delta is the most reliable airline.

WalletHub also found that JetBlue Airways is the most comfortable airline and SkyWest Airlines is the least complained-about airline.

Alaska Airlines was noted for being the safest airline, while Delta, SkyWest and Envoy Air tied for the best airline for pets.

To see how the airlines ranked, here are the best airlines in 2022, according to WalletHub.

1. Delta Air Lines

2. Hawaiian Airlines

3. Alaska Airlines

4. Envoy Air

5. Spirit Airlines

6. SkyWest Airlines

7. United Airlines

8. Frontier Airlines

9. JetBlue Airways

10. American Airlines

11. Southwest Airlines

This article originally appeared on Fox Business News

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