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Drunk Spirit Passenger Hit on Male Fliers Then Tried to Rush the Door, Cops Say

A Tennessee woman has been federally charged for getting drunk and assaulting flight attendants on a Spirit Airlines flight last month. A criminal complaint alleges that Amanda Renee Henry, 43, was en route to Nashville from Fort Lauderdale when attendants noticed her becoming visibly intoxicated and made a call to cut her off.

Henry is then accused of becoming belligerent, with her bizarre in-flight behavior including puffing a vape and making bawdy sexual overtures to men in the cabin. When attendants asked her to move to an emergency seat away from other passengers, she apparently decided she’d had enough. According to the complaint, Henry screamed, “I’m getting off this plane,” and made a dash for the door. She then allegedly kicked and pulled the hair of an attendant standing in her way, and had to be handcuffed for the rest of the flight. As reported by WPSD Local 6, Henry turned herself into the FBI Tuesday, and if convicted, faces a $250,000 fine and 20 years behind bars.

This article originally appeared on Daily Beast

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