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Shipping has a new association, the M7

Leaders of many of the world’s largest economies have descended upon Cornwall in southwest England this week for the annual G7 summit. Inspired by the gathering, shipping has created a brand new association, the M7.

Delegates from the shipowner associations of the G7, plus those from Australia, India, South Africa and South Korea, were joined by the secretary general of the International Chamber of Shipping, chief executive and secretary general of BIMCO and a representative from European Community Shipowners’ Associations for an inaugural virtual summit of the M7 earlier this week, organised by the UK Chamber of Shipping.

UK Chamber of Shipping president and chair of the meeting, John Denholm said: “The meeting discussed improving trade through digital documentation and the need for governments and industry to invest more in green research and development projects and the important role that seafarers were playing in keeping trade flowing through the Covid pandemic.”

This article originally appeared on Splash 24/7

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