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JetBlue founder’s newest airline, Breeze Airways, set to launch this year

JetBlue founder David Neeleman’s newest venture is set to launch this year.

Breeze Airways, Neeleman’s fifth airline, was scheduled to begin operations at the end of 2020 but was delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the delay, the Salt Lake City, Utah-based company says on its website, that it will still launch, just a little later than initially expected.

“Welcome to Breeze Airways, a new airline scheduled for take off in 2021!” the company website says. “We are a group of aviation experts and fanatics, working day and night to build something brand new and really special for guests."

Like Neeleman’s other four airlines, Breeze Airways will be a budget airline with a focus on making sure customers have a good experience, according to a previous report from travel industry news website Skift.

“I think the ability to have the lowest fare is what people want,” Neeleman told the website at the time. “Handling baggage costs money. Providing food costs money. If you want to upgrade your experience, you can do that. I think people will appreciate that. It’s all in the way we present it.”

Breeze Airways is also expected to serve mid-sized U.S. cities that don’t have many direct flights, FOX Business previously reported.

According to that report from last year, Breeze Airways had already leased 30 Embraer jets and ordered 60 Airbus planes.

Breeze Airways’ first aircraft was delivered to the company in December and since then, more have followed, Business Insider reported.

Aside from Breeze Airways and JetBlue, Neeleman has founded Morris Air -- which was bought by Southwest Airlines in 1993 -- WestJet and Azul Brazilian Airlines.

This article originally appeared on Fox News

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