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How trucking companies can do their part to keep the roads safe?

The trucking industry as a whole is one that has enjoyed tremendous amounts of growth in the past couple of decades. That growth has led to much higher numbers of trucks on the road each and every day, sharing those roads with much smaller vehicles.

According to the National Transport Insurance Company in Australia, there were more than double the truck driver fatalities in 2019 over the year before. It’s a trend no-one wants to see, and one that most certainly deserves attention. What’s more alarming is the fact that 80% of these deadly encounters were caused by cars, not trucks. This has led trucking company owners to really examine what they can do to help keep the roads and their drivers safe.

Emphasize that Truckers Need to Share the Road

One of the most important tips to be teaching your drivers is that they need to share the road with cars. Being a respectful and safe driver is what helps to prevent accidents from occurring.

Excessive Lane Changes Can Lead to Problems

While there will be times that drivers need to change lanes, it’s important that you speak to your truckers about excessive lane changes. Constantly changing lanes can be very dangerous not just for them but for every car on the road. Truckers should be sure to stick to their own side and always give lots of space and notice when it is time to change lanes.

Blind Spots Need Special Attention

When driving a truck, there tends to be four typical blind spots. These are beside the driver’s door, right in front of the truck, the 10 metres behind the bumper of the truck, and then the full length of the passenger side. That is a whole lot of blind spots when you think about it. This is exactly why excessive lane changes can be so difficult.

As a truck driver, they need to be hyper-aware of everything that surrounds them, knowing they can’t depend on their mirrors alone.

The Speed Limit is There for a Reason

Truck drivers are often on a tight schedule, but the fact is that there are speed limits posted for a reason. They are for the safety of all vehicles on the road, and they need to be followed.

Truckers Need to Get Their Rest

There is nothing more dangerous than sending drivers out that are fatigued and not fully alert. This is a sure-fire way to cause an accident.

Invest in New Trucks When Necessary

Of course, you also want to be sure that the trucks in your fleet are road-safe and in good working condition. Making sure you invest in new trucks when necessary is not only the safe thing to do, but it can help the business to expand. Truck loans can make purchasing new vehicles affordable, and part of your on-going business plan.

Keeping Your Drivers and the Roads Safe

These are just some of the rules that you can be emphasizing to your fleet of truck drivers to ensure they stay safe.

This article originally appeared on Big Easy Magazine.

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