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Frontier Airlines flight attendant notices plane's wing still covered in ice before takeoff

A Frontier Airlines flight attendant is being praised for noticing a potential problem as the aircraft was preparing for takeoff: The plane's wing was still covered in snow and ice.

This worker's actions are now being credited with helping to avoid a possible catastrophe.

Last week, an attendant on a Frontier Airlines flight taking off from Nashville International Airport noticed a significant amount of snow and ice on the plane’s wing as the aircraft was approaching the runway, One Mile At a Time reports.

The flight reportedly returned to the gate where it was discovered that approximately a foot of snow and ice had not been cleared from the plane’s wing. The situation could have caused problems during takeoff and created an unsafe situation for passengers and crew.

The plane had reportedly gone through a de-icing process, but the company responsible somehow failed to de-ice the wing.

Frontier Airlines confirmed the incident to Fox News. The carrier added that it is no longer working with the de-icing company that performed the job.

"Safety is our foremost priority and we are very proud of our flight crew for identifying the issue and ensuring the matter was addressed before takeoff," a spokesperson for Frontier Airlines said in a statement obtained by Fox News. "We are no longer using the de-icing company in question."

A spokesperson for Trego/Dugan, the de-icing company, has since commented on the incident in a statement obtained by the Tennessean.

"Nothing of this sort has happened in the past 50+ years and we have vigorously attacked the underlying circumstances to prevent anything like this in the future."

This article originally appeared on Fox News

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