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Biden Considering Riding Amtrak Train Into Inauguration

Joe Biden is considering riding into Washington, D.C., on an Amtrak train for his inauguration, an homage to his use of the railcar for 36 years during his time as U.S. senator, reports Axios.

Several news outlets have called the race for Biden and some states have already certified results for the Democrat. Newsmax has yet to project a winner as President Donald Trump challenges the outcome of the election.

Biden has a long history with Amtrak trains and even earned the nickname “Amtrak Joe.”

He launched his 1987 and 1998 presidential bid from the back of an Amtrak train and used Amtrak to commute between Washington and his home in Delaware for decades during his time as U.S. senator after he lost his wife and daughter to a tragic car accident in 1972. He was sworn into the Senate at his sons’ bedside – they had been critically injured in the crash but recovered – and started taking the train every day so he could be at home with his boys.

He said it helped him feel closer to his children.

His support for rail travel “goes beyond the emotional connection,” he wrote in 2010.

“With delays at our airports and congestion on our roads becoming increasingly ubiquitous, volatile fuel prices, increased environmental awareness, and a need for transportation links between growing communities, rail travel is more important to America than ever before,” he wrote.

Biden’s train trip would mirror Barack Obama’s trip into D.C. on a vintage railcar in January 2009.

This article originally appeared on KMJNow

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