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Where Can You Still Travel Without Quarantining On Arrival?

As of last week travelers returning to the United States will have to quarantine for a minimum of seven days upon arriving in the country – once again shattering dreams of a vacation for many Americans.

But in the age of home-working, quarantining on your return doesn’t mean you can’t get away for some winter sun. Indeed, many countries are still accepting travellers from the US with no initial quarantine period, allowing you to soak up those rays for as much time as possible.

So if you feel like you simply have to get away, here’s a list of some of your options, as well as a short guide of what restrictions to expect when you get there. Just be sure to check the full details at the State Department website before you fly.


You can still get away to the beach this winter

Those looking for white sand beaches and clear blue waters this February will be pleased to know that the Bahamas is still open to visitors from the US, with daily flights to both Nassau and Grand Bahama.

Travelers hoping to visit will need to show proof of a negative PCR test (that’s the swab one) from within five days before their departure. You will also need to apply for an electronic health visa, which includes mandatory health insurance for the duration of your stay.

As with most places, anyone exhibiting Covid-like symptoms will be tested on arrival and visitors are warned to wear a face covering when traveling or risk a fine.

Visitors staying for longer than five days will also be given a rapid antigen test to ensure they are still Covid-free at the end of the week.


As with the Bahamas, tourists hoping to travel to Colombia will need proof of a negative PCR test – this time a maximum of four days before departure. You will also be required to fill out an Immigration Pre-Enrolment form, which can be done between one and twenty-four hours before your flight.

Visitors are also asked to download the CoronApp-Colombia mobile app to help authorities with contact tracing. Be sure to maintain social distance of at least six feet when wandering the streets and remember your mask in public place, including the airport!


The Emirate kingdom has been a refuge for many during the pandemic

A favourite amongst European influencers, Dubai is also welcoming visitors from the US, with arrivals over the age of twelve having to show a negative PCR test result from within the last four days.

Tourists may also be tested again on arrival and should have medical insurance to cover the duration of their stay.

You will also be asked to sign a health declaration form agreeing to cover the costs of any treatment should you need it. However, Emirates airlines are offering their passengers free coverage for all Covid-related costs, included in the price of the ticket.

Finally, as in Colombia, you should be sure to register with the Dubai Health Authority via their Covid-19 DXB app on the App Store or Google Play.


No tests or masks required in Mexico - just be sure to check the rules in your state

Though the US’ land border with Mexico remains closed, airlines continue to operate regular flights to our southern neighbour.

No testing is required to fly to Mexico, although passengers may still be subject to health screening and temperature checks upon arrival. Those exhibiting symptoms will be asked to quarantine in their accommodation.

Mexico has no federal mask mandate, but several state governments require residents and visitors to wear one. It’s worth checking with the US Embassy website to familiarise yourself with the rules in the particular province you are visiting.

Sri Lanka

Our furthest flung destination also has the highest number of restrictions for travelers, but if you follow the rules you can still have an amazing trip.

Visitors to Sri Lanka must conduct a PCR test within 96 hours of flying and expect to receive a further test at their hotel within five to seven days of arriving. Those staying longer than seven days will have a third test and visitors are expected to pay roughly $40 for each of these.

In order to qualify for a travel visa, you must also book in at a Certified Safe and Secure Level 1 Hotel. These facilities range from boutique hotels to catered apartments and all come with onsite medical professionals and staff who are regularly screened for Covid-19.

For your first 14 days you will only be able to visit approved tourist sites and you are not permitted to mix with the locals. However, you can use all the facilities at your hotel and are welcome to travel beyond after two weeks.

Visitors should purchase Covid-19 insurance before traveling and download the Visit Sri Lanka mobile app once it is made available.

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