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UPS driver delivering smiles, not just packages, to a devastated community

An Oregon UPS driver is bringing smiles to a community that has been devastated by not only the pandemic – but by the Holiday Farm Fire.

Ron Alexander has been a member of the Blue River community for over a decade, KATUreported.

After realizing that his job, especially over this past year, has become even more critical, he has been finding little ways to make his community members smile.

Rather than just delivering packages, Alexander said he is trying to "connect" with the residents on his route, according to KATU.

"I just have a really great connection with my people up there," Alexander said. "I call them my people, they think of me as part of the community."

In one viral Facebook post, Alexander is seen making snow angels with a woman's dog in a fresh coat of snow.

The dog's owner, Chalette, told the outlet that she immediately got a positive response after posting the video, with some people admitting that they have watched it "over and over again."

The post was then reshared on the UPS Dogs Facebook page after it brought "smiles & laughter to a devasted community," the post read.

"So glad to see that there is some joy and laughter returning ... People across the country were praying for you all!" one user comented. "Ron... you are a dear and a blessing, to say nothing of Hope!!"

This article originally appeared on Fox News

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