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‘Unruly’ passenger causes American Airlines flight to stop in Seattle

An American Airlines flight headed to Dallas was diverted this week because of an "unruly" passenger.

A spokesperson confirmed to Fox News that American Airlines flight 60 -- which was traveling from Tokyo to Dallas -- had to make a stop at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Wednesday.

A statement from the airline that was provided to Fox News said that when the plane landed in Seattle, it was "met by federal officials who removed an unruly customer from the flight."

It is unclear what the passenger did to be considered "unruly."

"The aircraft departed for DFW [Dallas-Fort Worth] with all remaining customers at 11:39 a.m. PDT," the American Airlines statement said. "We thank our crew for their professionalism and our customers for their understanding."

A spokesperson for the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport also confirmed the incident to Fox News and said that federal authorities responded to the incident. According to the airport spokesperson, after the passenger was removed the plane refueled and departed soon after.

The plane arrived at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport at 5:39 p.m. CT.

According to Seattle’s Q13 Fox, a woman and her daughter were both removed from the plane in Seattle. The station also reported that no one was injured or arrested.

Earlier this week, another flight had to be diverted because of a passenger’s behavior. JetBlue flight 915, which was supposed to fly from New York to San Francisco on Sunday, had to be diverted to Minneapolis because of the passenger’s aggressive behavior, Fox News previously reported.

The passenger was later arrested on drug charges and is being held on a $30,000 bail in Minneapolis, Fox reported Wednesday.

This article originally appeared on Fox News

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