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Southwest flight attendant jazzes up pre-flight safety instructions

A Southwest Airlines flight attendant turned one airplane of unhappy travelers into smiling passengers with a campy take on the pre-flight safety demonstration.

One flyer captured the worker’s cheeky display aboard a July 5 flight from Nashville, Tennessee, to Atlanta, Georgia.

The attendant theatrically popped his inflatable lifevest collar, struck numerous poses and winked to the crowd as his colleague listed off crash-landing instructions in a monotonous tone.

The frisky flight attendant even pretended to toss an imaginary “infant” before strutting down the aisle.

Brittney Abernathy, the flyer who posted the video, told Storyful that the flight attendant’s “energetic” performance was appreciated by those on board.

“Give this man a raise,” she wrote on Twitter.

The unidentified flight attendant provided some much-needed comic relief to flyers after weeks of chaotic flight delays and canceled trips.

Airline problems, which have been plaguing flyers for weeks, were exacerbated by the Fourth of July. The weekend kicked off more than 3,700 domestic flights delayed and 600-plus canceled, a trend then carried on throughout the three-day weekend.

This article originally appeared in the New York Post

Photo: Twitter

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