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‘Please make it at least edible’: United Airlines passengers slam ‘embarrassing’ inflight meals

Disgruntled United Airlines passengers have panned the quality of their inflight meals, sharing images of the “inedible” food on Reddit.

One Reddit user said they forked out $7,700 (about £6,665) for their Polaris business class ticket from Paris to Chicago earlier this week.

They said they were handed a pre-landing snack that they would be “really embarrassed” to serve.

A photo they posted on the website shows a grey-tinged burger patty in a bun with cheese on top that appears to have a red substance embedded.

The forum user wrote: “Is this what $7,700 gets you? Any guesses as to what we think this is?

“I would actually be really embarrassed, I know it is a plane and expectations for plane food are not high. But c’mon, food in SPACE is better than this ‘burger.’”

Another “Redditor” said they flew with United Airlines in economy from Paris to San Francisco last week.

They described the breakfast dish as “the hardest egg white and some yellow sauce on top” that they said was “inedible”.

In response to another user’s comment, they said: “I tried one bite and it felt I was biting a Goodyear tire.”

The latter user didn’t state how much they paid for their ticket, but they said it was a 12-hour-long journey.

A return flight lasting 12 hours from Paris with United Airlines is in the region of $1,000 (about £863) and requires one stop in the US before reaching San Francisco.

A frequent traveller and Twitter user named Andy sent the images of the inflight meals to United Airlines and told the company that it “needs to step up their international flights food offerings.”

His tweet read: “Twice in one week in Reddit. I mean the food looks gross. Polaris/Economy respectively. Please make it at least edible.”

The airline responded by saying that it was “sorry to disappoint” and that it would “certainly forward [the] feedback to [the] catering teams.”

This article originally appeared on The Independent

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