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Jet Airways’ ex-CEO Is Reportedly Looking To Start Another Airline

New reports suggest that the former CEO of Jet Airways and GoAir, Vinay Dube, is considering starting a new carrier. The new domestic airline will begin operating by the end of the year and is planned to have a relatively small fleet. Talks have already begun with the government, paving the way for the new carrier. Let’s find out more.

New airline?

If you thought the Indian domestic market was becoming too populated, there could a new airline on the horizon. According to Firstpost, former airline executive Vinay Dube is mulling a new domestic airline, with plans to begin flying before the end of the year.

This new carrier plans to have a fleet of five aircraft by the end of 2021 to start operations. Moreover, Dube has also reached out to Airbus and Boeing to consider future aircraft plans, showing the advancing progress of setting up the airline.

Reports suggest that this new airline will be another budget carrier, making it the fourth major low-cost carrier in the country. Low-cost airlines have found success in India due to the cost-sensitive market and high input costs, making them more feasible. But who is Vinay Dube and who will be the airline’s leadership?

Known face

Prior to his experience in India, Vinay Dube spent a decade working with Delta Air Lines in the US and also American Airlines. In August 2017, he joined as the CEO of Jet Airways, at a time when the airline’s future seemed to be in danger.

However, less than two years later, in April 2019, Jet was forced to ground all flights and later file for bankruptcy. In May, Vinay Dube resigned from the airline following its grounding.

He remained in the aviation industry, taking up a role with GoAir. In February 2020, just before COVID-19 crippled the industry, Dube was chosen to lead GoAir. Dube led the airline through the peak of the crisis over the spring and summer. But then, in August, he quit the airline.

For this new airline, Vinay Dube has partnered with Praveen Iyer (former CCO) and Nikhil Ved (former Head of Flight Operations), both of whom are also Jet Airways and GoAir veterans. With an experienced team at the helm, the airline has taken the first step towards possibly taking to the skies.


Before any airline becomes a reality, the government must approve such a venture with a “no-objection certificate” (NOC). Vinay Dube reportedly has met with the Ministry of Civil Aviation in pursuit of such a certificate and pushing the airline’s approval along.

Once the airline has the NOC, it can begin hiring and inducting a fleet before receiving the critical Air Operators Certificate (AOC).

It’s unclear if the new carrier will able to take to the skies by the end of the year considering the several steps remaining. However, if government support and funding are present, India could be looking at its next major airline.

This article originally appeared on Simple Flying

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