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Frontier Airlines passenger removed from flight over mask dispute, video shows

A passenger was kicked off a Frontier Airlines flight from Cincinnati to Tampa, Fla., on Thursday for allegedly refusing to wear a mask.

In footage of the incident, the passenger is seen being approached by an airline employee who claimed she was not complying with the airline’s mask policy — but things escalated when the passenger refused and shouted an expletive at her.

“Ma'am you need to have a mask on. You need to have the paper mask they provided,” the airline employee is seen telling a passenger in a video obtained by Fox News on Friday.

The reluctant traveler appeared to try and ignore the airline employee's instructions.

“Ma’am, I’m speaking to you. Ma’am?" the airline employee continued. "You have to wear your mask the whole entire flight. If you’re unable to do so you will be removed from the flight."

As the airline employee turns to walk away, the passenger can be heard remarking, "Thanks, a--h----."

“OK, you’re done. Let’s go,” the airline employee responds. “You’re getting off the aircraft. You’re done, you’re not going to speak to me like that. You have to comply. You agreed to this when you checked into our flight and when you bought your ticket so I need you to get off the aircraft at this time."

A second video shows a security guard arriving to remove the passenger and her luggage. On her way out of the aircraft, the passenger is still seen not wearing a mask while walking past other travelers.

Several of those passengers erupted in applause when the passenger was finally ushered out. Someone can also be heard calling her a "Karen."

It was unclear whether the ejected passenger faced any repercussions, such as a ban, following the incident, or whether her actions resulted in any travel delays. Frontier Airlines did not immediately respond to a Fox News request for comment.

Frontier customers are required to wear face coverings over their nose and mouth throughout the flights and at ticket counters, gate areas and while onboarding the aircraft, per Frontier’s website. Frontier flight crew members are also required to wear a face covering while working.

"This level of protection is important for everyone’s well-being and if you don’t wear an approved face covering, you may lose future travel privileges on Frontier," the site states.

This article originally appeared on Fox News

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