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Delta Air Lines Helping Travelers Meet COVID-19 Requirements

Delta Air Lines is looking to help travelers meet new negative COVID-19 test requirements through a suite of innovative technological advancements.

One option available from the carrier is having the coronavirus tests shipped directly to the customer’s door or available for pickup locally. Through third-party testing providers, travelers can gain the negative test needed to travel before heading to the airport.

Delta passengers can also use the airline’s interactive travel requirements tool to safely plan travel by listing COVID-19 test requirements, quarantine restrictions, additional paperwork needed and other local government information.

If a negative test is required, the tool will detail the types of tests accepted and give travelers a platform to upload the information, which will be approved via a “Test Verified” screen on mobile devices.

“We are building an experience that offers flexibility and control for customers, even as their needs change,” Delta Chief Customer Experience Officer Bill Lentsch said. “These new testing options will ensure that every customer has the information they need to choose the test that is right for them.”

Travelers with questions can use the Delta Virtual Assistant to connect with a live representative for in-the-moment assistance and make changes to travel plans. The airline plans to add even more in-home coronavirus testing options in the coming weeks, as well as incorporating additional in-person testing options.

Earlier this month, Delta announced it would continue blocking middle seats and limit capacity on all flights departing through April 30.

This article originally appeared on Travel Pulse

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