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British Airways investigating reports stewardess is offering sexual services between flights

British Airways is investigating reports that one of its Heathrow-based stewardesses is selling sex – and her undergarments – during and in between flights.

Photos of the flight attendant’s risqué advertisements on social media were first reported by The Sun. The photos show her in a variety of suggestive poses while in uniform on the plane.

For $33 a passenger can be the new owner of her underwear, twice that will be a “securing fee” where a prospective “client” can meet her at a hotel, according to the paper.

Passengers are also promised unspecified “adult entertainment on-board” if the price is right.

“All you have to do is give me a sum of money and you’ll be treated to a whole different experience of your choice,” she allegedly wrote.

After the first report of the alleged advertisements, her social media accounts appeared to have been deleted. In a statement to Fox News, the airline said it had launched an investigation to identify the mystery stewardess.

“We expect the highest standard of behaviour from all of our colleagues at all times, and we are investigating the claims,” the airline said.

This article originally appeared on Fox News

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